About us

Billigt-sejlertøj.dk is a newly started business with a clear goal to offer sailing clothes at half the price of what you would normally pay elsewhere in Denmark. We believe that sailing clothing is generally far too expensive, but at the same time understand the importance of good quality. We have not compromised on the quality of our products and believe that it is on par with well-known brands and in some areas even better. We have tested samples from more than 10 different manufacturers, and the factory we have chosen to work with also produces for several of the biggest sailing clothing brands.

We have chosen to have a limited selection to start with, so that we can sell at the best possible prices without tying up large sums of money in stock and different models. At present we only have an offshore set and a junior model, which is particularly suitable for keelboat sailing in the Nordic waters.

We hope you will support our business and our desire to sell sailing clothing cheaply by placing your next order with us. We are ready to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to contact us via email, phone or chat.

Mention in Minbaad.dk

In connection with our launch in February 2023, MINBAAD.dk published an article about our company.
The article was published shortly before our participation in Fredericia Boatshow 2023, where we were very well received.

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