Collection: Life jackets

Safety First: Inflatable Life Jacket at Billigt-sejlertø

At Billigt-sejlertø, we prioritize your safety at sea, and our inflatable life jacket is designed to secure you in emergency situations on the water.

Functional Design and Safety Features

Our inflatable life jacket is equipped with both self-release and manual release, click-buckle closure, D-ring and crotch strap for optimal fit and safety. Built-in reflectors, mouthpiece and whistle ensure increased visibility and communication ability in emergency situations.

Universal Size, Certified Quality

With the size "one size", suitable for people between 40-120 kg, our inflatable life jacket is suitable for most people. It is CE certified and meets ISO 12402-3 standards for safety at sea, so you can feel safe and protected wherever you sail.

Increased Buoyancy and Effective Rescue

Our inflatable life jacket offers an impressive buoyancy of 150N, which is three times more than a normal life jacket. The included 33g CO2 cartridge, which comes fitted, ensures quick and efficient inflation in the event of an emergency, giving you the best possible chance of being rescued.

Choose Billigt-sejlertø for your inflatable lifejacket and invest in your safety at sea. Book now and sail with peace of mind, knowing you are well protected in the event of an accident.